Dine-In, Carry Out and Business Delivery!
Business delivery Monday thru Friday 10AM-2PM
Give Us A Call ♦ 815-872-2715!

Kramer's Kitchen is open for your lunch time pleasure every Monday through Saturday, 10am to 3pm. Since it seems you can't get enough of our delicious treats and hearty meats, we are more then happy to stay open for dinner until 8pm, Wednesday through Friday as well.

With a cornucopia of the finest meats and cheese, the freshest fruits and vegetables and a selection of some of the finest ingredients known to man, we are positive you will quickly find something on our menu below, capable of pleasing your most insatiable hunger!

Oh Hey!!! We also do Catering - Small and Large Events - Casual or Formal - Check out what we can offer by visiting our Catering Page!!

Stop in soon...We would love to see Ya...and as always, please remember, We're Not Gourmet, We're Premium!!!

*Prices Subject To Change Without Notice. $15 Minimum Amount for all delivery orders.

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