The Kramerica Challenge!

The Kramerica!
The stuff of legend and scary campfire ghost stories...The Kramerica!

Yes...we have a food challenge for those who think they have something to prove. 12 inch Kramerica with all the toppings (no substitutes) piled high like a tower weighing in at 4 pounds 4 ounces. Plus about a 1/3 pound of potato chips. Total weigh-in 4lbs. 10oz. One hour to complete the mission!!

If you conquer the Kramerica in under a hour the meal is on the house and you receive a Kramer's Kitchen T-Shirt and Name and Picture on Wall of Conquerors!!! Do you have what it takes!!!

Kramerica Challenge $25.75

-Fountain Drink and Chips included!

Our Reigning King of Kramerica!!

Steve Samson, 21 Minutes, 58 seconds on September, 25th, 2015

"Your puny sandwich was far too small to contain my gargantuan hunger! From this day forth, until the day I am cast from my honored thrown, I shall rule Kramerica as its King, a god among men!"

"Set forth in search, to the farthest corners of my new kingdom, and fetch me its finest meats and cheeses for tonight we shall dine in my glory and toast our cups to Kramerica!"

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Table of Conquerors

In service of Kramerica and its honored King, a stable of vaunted warriors, each possessing a giant's hunger, having been weighed, measured and found worthy through the crucible of said challenge, man an honored chair as Knights around his Table of Conquerors, for they all in life as they will in death share the sacred belief, Fortune Favors the Bold!

Jeremiah Marincic, in 22 mins on 3-9-11 Jesse Cowden, in 31 mins on 6-30-12 Tom Roberts, in 41 mins on 3-14-10 Jalen Dressler, in 47 mins on 7-21-11 Douglas Moths, in 48 mins Seth Holocke, in 51 mins on 5-1-13 Derek Spiegele, in 55 mins on 11-18-10 Tom Reese, in 59 mins on 7-27-11 Tyler Eich, in 59 mins on 12-17-15