We will travel beyond your expectations everyday to bring you the finest meats & cheeses, freshest produce and the most delicious ingredients that end up in your mouth. Our Kitchen whips up above the bar, quality food, in a laid back atmosphere, by the most friendly wholehearted staff, all the while keeping our prices reasonable for each and everyone.


Mary and Mindy setting up a catering menu.The story of Kramer's Kitchen really starts with boredom. Ya see, Mary Kramer was a loving mother for many years...still is really...but as time slipped by her children quickly grew older, venturing off on their own quest to conquer the world. As her hatchlings gradually left one by one, she soon found herself with a nasty case of the ole' Empty Nest Syndrome, often lookin' for something to fill the void growing larger with each day's absence.

As 2003 rolled around, Mary found that missing passion in food...not necessarily in eating it, but rather in cooking it!

...Now don't get me wrong, she enjoys eating food as well, don't we all?, but who wants to eat at a restaurant whose cook doesn't like to eat?.. I felt I needed to clear that up, but again...I digress!...

Being a mother for all those years, she learned a thing or two about fixing up a good plate of grub. Whether it was a simple family dinner, a Thanksgiving meal for the extended family or helping staff the 4-H food stand at the county fair, she gained valuable experiences in organizing, managing and preparing a hearty meal for others. It was at this point that Mary hatched her plan, she was going to happily feed people with her collection of mouth watering recipes and delightful spreads.

In the beginning, the jobs were small, a birthday party here, an anniversary celebration there. But the meals were tasty, the service was good and word soon got out.

"Mary Kramer can cook a delectable meal!...She catered my cousin's party, it was amazing!"...those where the murmurs heard around town.

Kramer's Kitchen on Princeton's South Main Street.As you can well imagine, Mary's business soon grew into a brisk catering service, taking care of weddings, parties and events of all shapes and sizes.

Catering soon grew into a full time business for Mary. In the spring of 2008, she opened Kramer's Kitchen, a neat little eatery situated in quaint downtown Princeton. Kramer's Kitchen was to be an extension of Mary's catering roots, sharing a foundation built of the same principles that facilitated her initial success, serving a meal created with the finest meats and cheeses, freshest produce and most delightful ingredients found. With the opening of the kitchen doors, came another wonderful development for Mary, after several years of helping her on a part time basis, her daughter Mindy and son Kenny joined mom full-time.

Ya see?...this story has a happy ending...Mary's hatchlings had returned to her nest.

Now, I have to take a moment to mention papa bear, Roger Kramer, Mary's husband. When asked to tell her story, Mary asked that I remark on the amazing support, understanding and patience Roger had shown her throughout this journey. They truly made it together! Roger's love and admiration for his wife hardly waivered, not during the slow stretches, rarely through the busy days, and never through the uncertainty of starting a new business.

The Kramer's and their employees look forward each day to serving you!Amidst the aromas and flavors of the Kitchen, the Kramer family strives to bring you a vast selection of delightful and delicious menu options. They arrive at work each and every day with the goal of creating tastes that dance in your mouth, perhaps stir your soul, and at the very least put a smile on your face! So if you're looking for a caterer that cares about your special day as much as you do and will strive to provide the finest premium meal for your guests, I believe...No!...I'm sure Kramer's Kitchen 'n Catering will not only meet your expectations but far exceed them.

This is where my tale ends...where I finish spinning my yarn, if you will.
A moral to the story, you ask?...isn't it obvious?...The secret ingredient that Mary has used all these years, the one Kramer's Kitchen puts in every meal and morsel...well it isn't a rare spice...nor an exotic herb....No, its simply yet extraordinarily Love. The Love of a family that comes to work each and everyday hoping to make you something to eat! So the moral of this story?...well it's quite simple really...
Food Made With Love Just Tastes Better!